OTT Services

Guest Tv Interactive offers the hospitality industry's most advanced Over-The-Top content and entertainment solution whereby guests can stream any content from their personal devices to the TV seamlessly similar to Chromecast and Airplay. Moviebeam also provides a selection of audio and video streaming APPs including Youtube, Crackle, Rhapsody, etc. for those guests who do not have access to their personal streaming video and audio accounts directly. Moviebeam's OTT service is network agnostic and can be delivered over IP, Co-ax, or wirelessly.

  • Web browsing
  • Internet Radio
  • Youtube
  • Accuweather
  • Flight updates
  • World and local news – Associated Press
  • Arirang TV
  • Crackle·Rhapsody
  • Netflix – As available
  • Pandora – As available
  • Hulu – As available